Open a securities account
Q1. What type of account can I choose to open?
Clients can choose to open a cash transaction account. The types of accounts are divided into individual accounts, joint accounts and corporate accounts.
Q2. How can I open a new account?
Clients can open an account by mail, open an account in person with our company or through online authentication. If you open an account with our company in person, please bring relevant supporting documents (including Identity document, address proof within the last three months, bank account Data) for verification purposes.
Q3. Are there any fees for opening a securities trading account?
No, the company will not charge any account opening fees.
Q4. How long does it take to open a new account?
The entire account opening process is very simple. If a client visits our company to open an account, or choose to open an account by mail. Suppose all the information is complete and certified by a notary, the trading account will be successfully opened within 2 to 3 working days. When the client's funds are deposited into the account, the account will be officially opened and can be traded.
Q5. How do I get the login password?
After the client successfully opened the account, We will send the login password to your correspondence address by email or by post, and the client can also choose to log in through the Internet to change your password.
Q6. What should I do if I forgot the login password?
Clients can call our company's client service hotline +852 3192 9588. After identity verification, your password will be sent to your phone again.
Stock trading
Q1. Can I place an order at any time?
Yes, clients can place orders at any time, even after the market closes, the client's order will still be accepted, and the order will be processed on the next trading day.
Q2. When will my trading order be rejected?
When the client's cash in the bank's securities account is insufficient to pay for the purchase of stocks and fees, your order will not be accepted. Or, if the number of shares sold is greater than the number of shares held in the account, the instruction to sell will be rejected.
Q3. What is the closing auction period?
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has added an 8-10 minutes closing auction trading session for designated securities from July 25, 2016. The closing auction trading session is a trading mechanism where buyers and sellers bid at a single price. Enter buying and selling orders, and after collecting the relevant orders, the trading system will, based on the interaction of the orders, arrive at a price that can complete the most transactions, that is, the closing price. After that, according to the order of the order type, price and time, the order will be matched and traded at this single price.
Q4. What is T+2?
The Central Clearing System will conduct securities settlement and fund settlement on the second day after the trading day.
Q5. What is the trading hours of Hong Kong stock market?
Hong Kong Stock Trading Hours: Mon to Friday
Auction Session (Pre-Opening Session): 9:00 am to 9:30 am
Continuous Trading Session (Morning Session): 9:30 am to 12 noon
Continuous Trading Session (Extended Morning Session): 12 noon to 1 pm
Continuous Trading Session (Afternoon Session): 1 pm to 4 pm
Auction Session (Closing Auction Session - Full Day): 4 pm to a random closing between 4:08 pm to 4:10 pm
Auction Session (Closing Auction Session - Half Day): 12 pm to a random closing between 12:08 pm to 12:10 pm
Q6. There are several instructions when buying and selling stocks. What are the differences between them?
At-auction limit order: During the auction period, the market uses the reference price that can trade the largest number of shares for pricing, so Clients need to use the auction limit order to place orders to the market. Note that the market orders are arranged according to time and price, the earlier the order/order price is, the better the order will be. The number of shares that cannot be traded in Auction Session will be brought to the continuous trading session and processed at the specified price set by you.
Enhanced limit order: Used during continuous trading hours. Can match up to ten queues with different prices at the same time. Ensure that a large number of stocks are traded within the target price as much as possible. After matching, the balance of any unfilled order will be converted to a general limit order at the originally entered specified limit price and stored in the queue for the entered price.
Odd lot shares (fractional shares): Any odd lot with less than one lot of shares can also be sold by calling the trading hotline +852 3192 9573/ +852 31929574. **Please note that the odd lot selling price is usually 8-10 price units in difference lower than the current price, or may be more.
Trigger order: A kind of special order, the most commonly used example is when the market is very volatile, when the target stock price rises/falls through the resistance/support level (target price 1), put a predetermined order that is better than the current buying and selling price In the market (target price 2), increase the chances of placing orders and reduce risks. However, when the stock price is extremely volatile and there is a gap in the order, your order may not be executed.
In addition, for your convenience, you can choose to place orders that are valid for up to 7 days.
The above is the simplest explanation. You can refer to the HKEx website to understand More related information.
https://www.hkex.com.hk/global/exchange/faq/securities-market/trading/securities-market-operations? sc_lang=en
Q7. What are the procedures if I want to pick up/transfer the goods?
You only need to download the "Securities Settlement Instruction" form through the online platform, fill in the form and sign it and send the instruction by mail or fax to (852), or call the dealer's +852 3192 4218 customers service department for assistance. We Will arrange it for you.
**Precautions: The form needs to fill in the information of the securities companies of both parties. The information of the brokers of Patrons Securities is as follows:
Hong Kong stock information (required to fill in to transfer Hong Kong stocks)
Company Name: Patrons Securities
Contact Person: Settlement Department
Contact Phone: +852 3192 9581
Q8. How to subscribe for new shares?
Existing clients who subscribe for Hong Kong IPOs can apply for IPO subscription online or call the Client service department of the trader +852 3192 9573 / +852 3192 9574 for assistance. Please confirm that there is enough cash in the account and we will arrange it for you.